Fabian's musical journey began when he chose to play the saxophone in grade school at the age of 14. In 2001 after high school, Fabian attended the Dallas School for Fine Arts (Media Tech Institute) and joined the prestigious Tex-Mex group Little Joe Y La Famila which exposed him to several contrasting styles of music. During his time with Little Joe he collaborated with artists such as Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel), La Mafia, Los Lobos, War, Christian Castro, Ruben Ramos, Stefani Montiel, Elida Reyna, Shelly Lares, Emilio Navaria, Rick Trevino, Ramon Ayala, Ricardo Castillion, Jay Perez and many more.

While at Media Tech Fabian worked under George Strait's Sound Engineer Paul Rogers learning the art sound creation. In 2005, His hard work seemed to be paying off when UNISON SAXOPHONES asked Fabian to be a featured artist with their company. After graduating from the institute Fabian began arranging and producing for various artists.

In 2006, Fabian joined Ruben Ramos and The Mexican Revolution, taking on the roles of playing saxophone and being heavily involved with his studio productions. During his time with Ruben, Fabian was asked to be a part of Chente Barerra's 2006 studio record which earned him his first Grammy award winning credits as a saxophonist. In 2009, Fabian would be a part of another Grammy award winning record "Ruben Ramos Viva La Revolucion". Fabian, as an engineer/session player has contributed to several top 10 hits, 7 Grammy award nominations, and various awards. Fabian has also appeared on international TV shows including Univision's Cocinando con Las Estrellas, Despierta America, PBS Texas Music Special, and a Billboard Magazine top ten countdown TV show from 2005-2007. Fabian currently tours internationally with the Hamilton Loomis Band raising the bar in the music scene.



I was born in a cold January in the city of San Marcos, TX in the early mid 80's. At the time of birth u don't suspect that music is your destiny, but "Music" was a huge part of my undiscovered surroundings. Even as a child developing in the womb, the outer listenings fuse with a persons soul to give them the fingerprints of their identity.  Growing up in Texas you hear many musical concoctions created by the founders of inner-twinned styles...Tex-mex, Tejano, Jazz, Country, Blues, Pop, Rock, Polka, Latin music (all types of sounds). I grew up with that "stuff". It was the foundation of what inspired me to be curious about this thing called "Music". As a young child I was not exposed to a lush lifestyle nor did I live in the vicinity of an average household environment. My parents worked hard for the roof and food we had. I learned quickly through my fathers institution that nothing is given to you in life..."Son you gotta work hard in this life, Nothing is free!"... or my mothers more vocal depiction of my fathers words.... "Get off your ass boy, CuT the GraSs!"...My mothers college of hard knocks and desperation to succeed showed me that anything is possible...ANYTHING!  Every yard I cut I earned allowances, and with every allowance earned I saved my money with a determination to purchase the MOTHER of all things... a DOLLAR GENERAL WALKMAN AM/FM TAPE PLAYER...This life changing device opened my musical canvas to the universe of MUSIC...I used to sit facing a corner in my mothers room and just let my mind bend....for hours, days at a time I would sit there ear-venturing. The more money I earned more tapes I bought... The Cars, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, then there was this tape "Sax for Lovers"??? It was a compilation tape of popular top 40 songs with the sax playing the melody. Possibly this had an affect on me that gravitated me towards the instrument. I believe I was 10 at the time, but who said the corner was made for time out..."THE CORNER" was my adventure/play time as a child. how does all of this relate to me playing the saxophone & music? Junior High band tryouts marked the day of my true embarkment. I was 12 and to make a long story short I played trombone for a year and a half, later switching to sax in the 7th grade at age 14. It was a match made in heaven....HEAVEN did I say? The sound, The feel, The coolness! Lisa Simpson played this thing so presumably it made me cool...right? Let me name you a few people who inspired me the most while learning to play. My uncle Frank gave me a tape and said to me "This is the greatest sax player in the world" It was a copy of 1988 Kenny G live. I listened to this tape until it literally melted my Walkman and I had to cut more grass to buy another Walkman. My uncle Juan Cortez for giving me 2 Eric Marienthal CDs "Oasis and Round Trip". I had never heard such a sick tone...It literally blew my mind. Emulating these two saxophonists was my primary foundation growing up...I'll never forget the impact my uncles made on me.  My uncle Joe Mercado(next door neighbor). He had a tejano band and it was a treat hearing live outdoor music rehearsals daily. He literally blasted the neighborhood to kingdom come with his home made speakers! I could of sworn they read "1.21 Gigawatts"(Back to the Future Reference) on the side but then again I was My Mom, Dad, and Brother were huge inspirations. Family is SUPER important. Its taken me a little time to truly realize this, but FAMILY IS THE FOUNDATION. When times are tough they are always there to keep your chin up...They keep you human, grounded and animate the heart & soul...Love You. My cousin David for all the late night sax and guitar jams...We used to lock ourselves up in my grandmothers walk-in closet with a sax, guitar, gas station perishables (junk food) and play until the sun came out n said "You boys ever gonna get some sleep with all that noise?" That's when I learned the sun could talk...and that's also when I learned how pissed off my grandmother could get from sucking up all her electricity due to musical gear we had plugged in!...haha! I can swear that once she looked like Bigfoot holding an extension cord in the rain as she pulled the plug on us...Boggy Creek Status!. "Wildbill" Perkins, longtime friend, Trumpetista, and Co-founding member of The Secret Cashew Society(inside humor). Bill introduced me into Little Joe and gave me the career start to dream of. Thanks Billy... John Chavez for giving me my first computer. It was the primary reason that I learned to record/create my own music. I was 16 when he first showed me how awesome ACID was...It literally blew my mind...And for those of you that don't know ACID is??? ACID is a pretty cool loop based music program that allows you to make custom beats and songs. Not the type of ACID that makes you see unicorns and rainbow colored things!!!hahah...The original members of N.H.O (Nipple Hard On) this was the name of our band in high school...Trey Mcnight, Mike Griffin, Mike Stoner, Andy Macyntire, David "The Beast" Deleon, Malcolm Pinkston, & Patrick the Singer that was 50 and looked 16! We played & practiced hard! From Spy Kids Parties with Director Robert Rodriguez to 10 Gallon Hats with The Great Joe Forlini. It was one of the funnest times of my youth. I'll never forget "THE VIDEO"! THANK YOU so much Jerry and Linda for everything! I knew we drove you guys freaking nuts!......To Lillian Cardenas (The one I call STINKY) - When no one believed in me you always did. You were always my number 1 fan. When I sucked you threw mental psychological tomatoes at me and made me dig to become the best I could be. You always listened...ALWAYS! I still live by your cardinal rules. Even though now we are somewhat distant I'll never forget that it was you that made my dreams a reality. THANK YOU for funding my first album and making me believe in myself. I still owe you BIGTIME!!!... and last but not least Joey Lucita my high school band director...He exposed me to jazz greats and believed in my capabilities. He stayed the long hours just so I could practice my horn...sacrificed his home life to stay in the band hall so that I could have musical growth. Educators have a special place in my heart because without them there is no future.Thank you so much for the life sacrifices you make.... These people inspired me so much... and still to this day probably don't realize the positive, infectious influence they bestowed on me....O.K soooo lets fast forward a little.....Graduating high school was hard because I lost all my friends to college and my girlfriend had just dumped me to pursue her career...At 18 that seems like the end of the world huh? So there it was, the atomic mushroom cloud of death coming to rule the beginning of my new manhood however, that summer I would play 1 gig that would change the course of my future forever. That night I met "WildBill" Perkins an Austin Trumpet player. He took me under his wing and auditioned me for Little Joe Y La Familia - a Grammy award winning Tex-Mex Super Group based out of Temple, TX. I spent 4 yrs with Joe seeing the world, playing polkas till you puke, award shows, grammy nominations, respect, paying dues. Then after 4 yrs I went on to tour with "El Gato Negro" Ruben Ramos for another 4 years. By that time I had a couple of Grammys, tons on nominations, horn endorsements, played more polkas till you puke part II and played as a side man for uncountable groups in Austin, TX..Having the opportunity to tour with Little Joe & Ruben was like playing with Mexican Elvis and Mexican Michael Jackson. Both musical gods and legends to be. I currently tour with International Blues Artist Hamilton Loomis and get to see the world because I followed my heart and practiced hard...How cool is that!? Music carries the same qualities as INFINITY! You never stop learning about it...It goes forever and ever...If you think about it too hard it can even make a person lose their mind! It just never stops. In this life it is my duty to play music and put happiness into other peoples lives. We musicians sacrifice our personal lives to create music, play music, bring people together of all race and shape. Even if its for just a brief moment....people celebrate, forget about wars, forget about crime, and any problems that may occur in ones life moment. I'm blessed in my life and just want to say Thank You for listening to my story. It's who I am and who I will always be. Thank you Adolphe Sax for creating the metal thingy that goes "HonK" ..It's what we know today as the SAXOPHONE. Most importantly Thank You God for giving me the tools to create a great life. I wouldn't change one thing about my past and present (O.K Maybe just once for that girl that got away, but that's a whole other story...Lesson Learned). It has been a long road but there is still much to be ventured. There's still lots of open road and untouched ears to the sound of my voice....I look forward to the future of life & artistic creation...See you at the show! Fabian