Imagine is here!!! Please check out the 2 teasers on my site! ...I also will be sharing a series of videos from the making of the album from time to time. The record will be available on May 1st, however you can pre-order the digital version of it ONLY on my website as of today! When May 1st hits you will get an e-mail with the download link for "IMAGINE". It's been a hectic year so far but there's lots to come of it...We have 2 CD RELEASE PARTY shows coming up April 22 in Austin, TX & Ganado, TX on the 23rd...Check out my calendar for the details...I'm stoked...Shirts came in today and they look dope! Stay in touch and join my guest list to still get a free copy of "A LITTLE SAX ON THE SIDE". MORE NEWS AND DETAILS COMING SOON!!!